Re: Names of licenses we currently support / where should licensetext live?


Peter Williams wrote:
Once a license is "approved" and placed in the repo it should be
immutable. That way there is no chance of the text changing once the
license name is in use.
I agree.
Also: If an spdx document is supposed to contain all the license texts, isn't there a danger that we end up documenting 10 KB of source code with 1 MB of license texts? (Yes I know, if there one thing America needs it's more license texts:

Imho the spdx list of standard licenses should cover as many licenses as possible (whereas coverage of x % of the licenses in a common Linux Distribution is not necessarily the standard of completeness, as spdx is not only for Linux) and their texts should be held in a repository.

The only concern I have is accountability for accuracy of the license repository.
*One possible* way to overcome this is, that we may specify what is a standard compliant spdx license text repository as well. Then there can be the default PURL repository (without warranty), but companies may also host their own repository, and include to their spdx files a pointer to that adress. (However if I say, this is a sdpx version x.y compliant repository, I may not represent LGPL 2.1 as LGPL 3.0 in there.)

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