Re: Names of licenses we currently support / where should license text live?


Jeff Luszcz twisted the bytes to say:

Jeff> Hi Kate et al,
As we discussed on the call a few times, I think having this amazing
list of license in one place is a great asset to the community and I
believe will help reduce license proliferation (esp. if,
Linux foundation, OSI, etc... continue to work on anointing certain
license as preferred.)

Just a small comment. Our license identification tool has very different
goals than SPDX. We need to identify as many as we can (even those that
are references, and mark them as such).

In my view, SPDX should be good enough to document the majority of
MIT/BSD variants, plus the common licenses (GPL, LGPL, MPL, EPL). This,
in my opinion, should cover around 80-85 percent of files with a

The problem lies on the MIT and BSD variants, and I think the SPDX
committee is being blind to that problem. I have made this point
repeatedly, so I will not push it any further.

Ultimately, somebody will have to write a filter that goes from
Fossology/Ninka to SPDX accepted licenses (and names) and their XML
format. With almost certainly, if a license is the SPDX list, Ninka will
be able to identify it.


Daniel M. German
dmg (at) uvic (dot) ca
replace (at) with @ and (dot) with .

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