Human readable data format

Peter Williams <peter.williams@...>

The idea of using a human readable format as the primary format in the
beta program was mentioned on the cross functional call this morning.
It think that is a great idea. However, there did not seem to be a
consensus on which of the available formats would be the easiest for
uninitiated users to understand. I thought some concrete examples
might help move this discussion forward, so i put together some
strawman examples the possible formats.

Attached is the zlib 1.2.5 example that openlogic published last year
in three different formats. The .spdx file is the data stored in the
tag-value format. The .xml file is the data stored as rdf/xml. The
.html file is the data stored as a rdfa annotated html. All three of
these files contain exactly the same information. All three are
machine readable. All three are well suited for the purpose of data


ps: Sorry for sending this to the full group but this topic originated
in the cross functional call so it seems appropriate to have the
discussion here. Also it seems to be an issue that effects all the

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