Re: a way to specify the license of the SPDX file?

Philip Odence

Whoops, I've got to learn to read ahead.

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There's a proposed field that the legal team has requested, and will be added into the first section, that lets you specify the license the author is willing to have their name associated with the data. (tricky wording deliberate ;) - you can't license facts it appears )

Field will be either a license short form, or reference to text included in the non-standard license section - that the author wants to assert, if its not going to be made available under one of the standard licenses.

Legal team was looking into recommending/creating a default license to be used, to make it easy to do the right thing in terms of sharing.

HTH,  Kate

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Subject: a way to specify the license of the SPDX file?
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Date: Thursday, February 3, 2011, 12:53 AM

is there a way to specify the license of an SPDX file? In
other words,
if I create a SPDX file, and I want to attach a license to
it (for
example, that the file cannot be further distributed) how
do I do it
_inside_ the own SPDX file?



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