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Kim Weins

Thanks Jilayne

After looking this over, we are pretty well aligned with two exceptions

  1. Debian excludes the “.0” on ends of versions (eg Apache-1 instead of Apache-1.0)
  2. Debian uses GFDL for GNU Free Documentation License and we use FDL.

I would be fine with changing out names to match Debian on both the items above.  That makes it easy and saves us from trying to negotiate changes.


On Fri 1/14/11 2:00 PM, "Jilayne Lovejoy" <Jlovejoy@...> wrote:

I just uploaded v1.5 of the License List spreadsheet and accompanying guidelines/notes document to the SPDX website here:
This version reflects adds a column for comparison to the Debian short name protocols and list ( and some comments where there were differences in license long names.  Notes/observations/questions re: these additions below (this is also listed on the Word doc associated with the license):
  • Column added for comparison to Debian license list short names:
    • If left blank, then license not on Debian list
    • If short name is the same, then “same” entered in this column
    • If short name is different, then Debian variation entered here
      • Debian uses Expat license instead of MIT; Expat is not on SPDX list ??
      • Debian identifies GPL font and SSL exception which were not on SPDX list; font exception was added to SPDX list
        • Should we add the SSL exception? It looks like a suggestion more than a standard exception based on the info contained in a link.  I’ve never seen this one before – anyone have any thoughts on this?
      • SPDX list had exceptions not on Debian list, but short names using Debian short names rules listed in this column
      • Debian lists Perl as a license, but this is really a disjunctive licensing situation with either GPL or Artistic; it doesn’t seem like “Perl” should be listed as a separate license in this case as there are other scenarios like this
      • Added other GFDL v1.1 and v1.3 to license list, as they were missing
        • Debian lists GNU Free Documentation License with no invariant sections à did not add this… ??

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