Re: Purpose of licensing info


From the point of view of maintenance of SPDX files, it would be
useful to say, in this case:

On Sat, Jan 15, 2011 at 1:11 AM, Peterson, Scott K (HP Legal)
<scott.k.peterson@...> wrote:

In the file:

“See COPYING” [where the COPYING file is a copy of the GPL]
License: Same as [COPYING]


License: GPL-v2+

The license of the referring file might change without the file
actually being modified.

Basically, allow transitivity in the specification of the license.
Another alternative is to
include inthe referring file the actual license (GPLv2+) and a
standardized note saying:
this license comes from that file COPYING. That way if COPYING changes license
(the actual license changed, or it was incorrectly assessed in the
first place...etc)
this file should change license too.



asserted license: GPL-2.0

license information in file: “See COPYING”

Is my understanding of the intent for recording information about what was
actually in the file correct?

-- Scott


Daniel M. German

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