Re: fossbazaar wiki and LinuxCon followup

Tom "spot" Callaway

On 08/24/2010 05:17 PM, Martin Michlmayr wrote:
* Tom spot Callaway <tcallawa@...> [2010-08-24 21:09]:
I should have left the answer to tbm who set it up.
Fair enough. :)

I'm still hopeful that there is some wiki intelligence in addition to
Drupal already present, and if not, I can make the case for us to move
to mediawiki. ;)
Bob's right. We're using Drupal and the Drupal wiki module.

What functionality do you need that's currently not there?
Well, there are a few things:

1. New page creation is really awkward.
2. There is no native wiki link syntax, so I would end up making a lot
of long URLs that aren't useful.
3. There is no native wiki section syntax, so I'd have to write a lot
more html than I'd prefer.
4. There is no wiki syntax for embedding one page in another. so I can't
really do what I've done in the mockup that I made on
(see my original email).
5. There are no default target mappings to sections (see #3), so I'd
have to hardcode them.

Drupal is a great CMS, but it is not such a great wiki.


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