Re: SPDX face to face at LF CollabSummit

Kim Weins

I think we would want to both do a public announcement of spdx rc and have a working meeting. I have that preso I did at owf that we can use as a starting point. I'm happy to present or help prep whatever is needed.


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That would be very cool. :) Let us know what looks possible.

We'll be doing some brainstorming on the agenda options, and that capability would open up some nice options.


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Karen Copenhaver and I are working on
coordinating a presentation between the conferences using
DLA Piper's facilities. SPDX might be a topic.

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I'm wondering if we should make any plans for the LF
Summit in 2011. The CollabSummit will take place
April 6-8 in San
Francisco. Traditionally, FOSSBazaar had a room there
and we could
request a room and use it for SPDX.

However, I noticed that at least Kate and Rockett will be
SPDX at the European Legal Network Conference, which
conflicts with the CollabSummit since it takes place on
April 7-8
in Amsterdam.

Any thoughts?

Martin Michlmayr
Open Source Program Office, Hewlett-Packard
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