New SPDX mailing lists

Martin Michlmayr

As Phil mentioned during the last SPDX call, we added a number of
mailing lists to facilitate discussions of specific areas. This list
(spdx@...) will continue to be used for general discussions
but discussions about specific topics (technical development of the
spec; rollout and other business aspects; and legal aspects) will take
place on the other mailing lists. If you want to participate in the
technical, business or legal team discussions, you therefore have to
subscribe to their mailing lists.

You can find a link to the mailing lists on each team wiki page:

- Technical Team:

- Business Team:

- Legal Team:

Follow the link to the mailing list and on the page for the mailing list
search for "Subscribing to". Enter your email address, name (optional)
and password and click on "Subscribe". You will then get an email with
a link that you have to follow in order to confirm their subscription.

Mailing list archives are also available so you can check if you missed
any discussions.

If you have any questions or problems, please let me know.

Martin Michlmayr
Open Source Program Office, Hewlett-Packard

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