Python History and License

Tom Incorvia

Regarding the Python licensing,


Kim is correct. clearly states that the PSF Python releases are licensed under the stack of licenses.  So my statement regarding a particular PSF version being licensed under one and only one license is incorrect for the PSF-related licenses – it is the stack.   


If we can get a statement from the PSF saying that the stack license applies regardless of version (even the old CWI versions), then we will only need the stack-license (although it has a “pick whatever applies to your release” nature that is a bit different than what we have been doing).  This is a bit different than the Mozilla tri-license where the end user picks . . .


The alternative to listing the stack-license would be to have PSF say on a version by version basis when a stack / stack-subset / individual license applies.  Messy – that is the route that I was taking.    




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