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Philip Odence

The examples you cite are, as you speculated, out of date. We need to create some current ones. 
Getting the site up and running before LinuxCon was a bit of a scramble, though Martin did a great job getting it to the point of credibility, albeit with some holes. 
We'll be back on our biweekly meeting schedule starting a week from today.

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On Aug 18, 2010, at 7:45 PM, Peter Williams wrote:

Hi all,

While looking at the draft spec, i noticed that the specification
examples page, <>, is empty.  However,
there do seem to be some examples at
<>.  Is this just a case of
some missing links?  Or are the examples on the wiki out-of-date?

If those examples are up-to-date it would definitely ease understanding
the spec.

Peter Williams
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