Re: GPL vX or later issue

Peter Williams <peter.williams@...>

On 11/10/10 1:47 AM, Bruno Cornec wrote:
Jilayne Lovejoy said on Tue, Nov 09, 2010 at 07:53:12PM -0700:

a. Code is licensed under GPL v2 or later - this essentially
creates a licensing choice of GPL v2 OR GPL v3
Which is only true at that moment of time. If/when GPLv4 is available,
you would miss that one. So it's important to keep the fact that the
author stated that it's GPLv2+ to cover this.
So it's not simply OR. It's OR with potential licenses that do not
Yeah, it does have the issue that the members of the set change over time. However, at any particular moment in time (i.e. any time you are doing anything with an SPDX file) it can be treat as a simple disjunctive set (all the members are known).

Making it IMHO a beast in itself.
I agree. It seems to me that this "or later version" scenario is something that should be handled explicitly. Shoehorning it into the license model feels clumsy.


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