Re: GPL vX or later issue

Bruno Cornec <Bruno.Cornec@...>

Radcliffe, Mark said on Tue, Nov 09, 2010 at 10:28:17AM -0800:

I think that this approach will create confusion. First, I estimate that 99.9% of all GPL licenses are version or later, so most users of SPDX will assume that GPLv2 is GPLv2 or later. Unless we can make this very clear, it will be very confusing. I am open to other ways of solving this problem. Second, I think that this distinction is very important now and will increase in importance as GPLv3 becomes more important and some GPLv2 and later programs are forked to GPLv3.
I can confirm I'm the maintainer of a project which is mostly GPLv2 (and
not or later). So that does exist and should be differentiated (Linux is
a more famous example ;-)

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