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Okay, I uploaded the v1.2 spreadsheet and accompanying guidelines in a word doc as attachments to a new Wiki page here:


Disregard my previous email this morning, as I did make a couple minor updates to the uploaded version (but did not rename).


Here are is the list particular things that need some form of resolution:


Outstanding Issues/Questions:

  • How exactly are we handling all the GPL/LGPL exceptions?
  • How do we want to handle LGPL/GPL “vXor later” versus LGPL/GPL vX?
  • Older versions – we don’t have Apache 1.1, EUPL v1.0, MPL v1.0, NPL v1.0, other OSL versions, AFL, etc.
    • Added Apache 1.1 as that is often still seen, but what about others?
  • See email Vol1, Issue 14 – list of licenses, does not match with this one – add to current?
  • Licenses with an alternative name or an associated project in parenthesis after the name – some of these need a determination and some may be superfluous, perhaps?  Can we come up with a “rule” for this?:
    • See ISC License (Bind, DHCP Server)
    • Lucent Public License v1.02 (Plan9)
    • MIT (also X11)
    • BSD licenses – currently include all naming variations “BSD 3-clause ‘New’ or ‘Revised’ License”  à seems like we should pick one naming protocol and stick with it, maybe putting the others in parenthesis or omitting??
  • X.Net License à this is really an LGPL notice + special exception - should we have it as a separate license?
  • Zlib/libpng License à note: this is the zlib license, but OSI calls it the zlib/libpng license.  Yet there is a different license for libpng:  see
    • Why is “with acknowledgments” listed in “Recognized Exceptions” column?





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