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Gary O'Neall

Hi Sebastian and SPDX community,

I just archived the license-list repo per your suggestion. If there are any concerns, let me know. We can always unarchive the repository.

I also archived and updated the README on the following repos. If anyone has any objections or concerns, please let me know.

- ATTIC-tools-go - already indicated as superseded by tools-golang
- spdx-github - Utility has not been updated in several years and does not support the latest versions of the spec
- licensegenplugin - Utility not planned to be used and is no longer supported
- ATTIC-airs - Already indicated as no longer being maintained
- ATTIC-osit - Already indicated as no longer being maintained


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Hi all,

while the README at [1] documents the repo to be archived, it's not "archived" in
the GitHub sense, as available in the settings at Any objections doing that to
make it more clear that the repo is archived?


Sebastian Schuberth

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