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               I just checked on REA’s LF membership status and it appears the lowest cost tier is $5,000 to become a LF member. Please confirm my understanding is correct that $5,000 is the lowest cost membership fee available.



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Dear SPDX community,


With the adoption of the new project governance model for SPDX in September, one new aspect of the updated structure is the introduction of the ability for companies and other organizations to become official members of the project.


We have been working with the Linux Foundation for them to configure their membership enrollment platform for SPDX. Now that this has been completed, we're happy to announce that organizations can begin signing up as members of SPDX.


As a reminder, organizational membership in SPDX is not required in order for anyone to contribute to or participate in the technical development of SPDX. All of SPDX's code and specification development is open to anyone to participate in, whether or not their organization is a formal SPDX member -- same as always.


Membership Benefits


Membership in SPDX enables an organization to have their logo displayed on the project website and materials to indicate their status as a "member" of the project, and to identify them as such.


Additionally, with the governance change, the SPDX Steering Committee will be expanded to include up to two individuals selected as Member Representatives (see Section 2 of the Governance document). Each organization that is a member of SPDX may nominate one person from their organization as a candidate for selection


Organizations that become members of SPDX within the first four months following December 1, 2021, may make a nomination for the initial selection of Member Representatives during that four-month time period. After April 1, 2022, the Steering Committee will choose the Member Representatives from among the nominees. We will send updated details about this to the then-current members as the deadline approaches. The terms for all Steering Committee members, as specified in Section 2 of the Governance document, will begin on May 1, 2022.


Signing up


Project membership in SPDX itself is available at no charge; however, an organization must be a member of The Linux Foundation (which may include fees for your organization) in order to become a member.


In order to become a member, go to to begin the signup process. If your organization is not already an LF member, the LF membership agreement sign-up and billing will be included as part of the process.


(Please note that the membership enrollment system may still ask for billing information, even if your organization is already an LF member and you are only signing up for SPDX membership.)


Please let us know if you or your organization have any questions about becoming a member of SPDX.


SPDX Steering Committee

Phil, Kate, Gary, Jilayne, Steve, Paul and Jack



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