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Steve Kilbane

Hi Vicky,


There's been some great work in the OSS Compliance Tooling Group which addresses this – if you're asking what I think you're asking. See:


(it is, however, restricted to FOSS tools, given the charter of the group, but the taxonomy in CapabilityMap is generally applicable.)




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There's been some industry wide agreement on the taxonomy to use to classify tools here:    I think the path of least pain is to align with it, unless there are some tools that just don't fit in the taxonomy.


We've been collecting the tools we're aware of that work with SPDX, and grouped within the taxonomy here:


Which is an open for comments, so if you spot a tool that works with SPDX and you don't see it in the taxonomy,  please fill in the template and add a comment.    Jack's done a great job in moving what we've got in that document to our website.


Long term solution here is to move this collection to SPDX's github and generate automatically via a landscape onto the web pages, but that's a WIP that Sebastian's helping us make real. 


That help?




On Wed, Nov 17, 2021 at 3:33 PM VM (Vicky) Brasseur via <> wrote:

A taxonomy of this SSC ecosystem. I would like to have one, plz&thx.


For instance, looking at this (very much work in progress, just noodling about as I think about things) picture, those items in each of those long lists aren’t equivalent. They fall into different categories of functionality and come into play at different stages.


Those categories/stages are the taxonomy I’m hoping someone else has already created and published under a FOSS license so we can all play along at home. 😊


My web searches aren’t turning anything up on this one. Do any of you know whether this exists already?





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