Kate Stewart

The content that went into the standard is the same as what is
in our github repo today, and a pretty version is at:
The sources for the 2.2.1 are at: that fed into the review
process.   There's some editorial changes we incorporated into the ISO spec after the review, but nothing substantive, and we're working on a plan right now to capture those in SPDX 2.2.2 release.

Net: the ISO version of the specification has some specific formatting requirements 
that ISO requests us to follow (document structure, table numbering, etc.), but the
actual fields are publicly available either at the web link or the github repo directly.

SPDX is a living standard that is evolving with open participation in the SPDX tech
mailing list and calls.   Issues and pull requests are encouraged and welcome as we continue
to evolve to SPDX 3.0.   Once we solidify on the next set of changes, we may decide to submit to ISO, but it's being worked on in the github repo first.


On Mon, Sep 13, 2021 at 1:34 PM Michael Richardson <mcr@...> wrote:

It now costs CHF198 to buy.  This is the ISO way, and I think it's literally criminal.
As in: violates UN Charter of Human Rights.

If it doesn't wind up on the Publically Available Standards list, then I
think it's just been killed as a specification.
No open source person is going to buy the document.

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