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I believe that is correct. It seems an odd systems, but as I understand it, it’s not unusual to have free and paid for versions of specs with the same content. Openchain is, I believe, and example of same.


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I’ll defer to Phil or Kate for an official answer, but my understanding is that SPDX will continue to publish the specification directly from the SPDX project to the community, but certain versions will be also published as ISO standards (the first being 2.2.1 which is materially the same as what’s published on the SPDX site today).




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It now costs CHF198 to buy.  This is the ISO way, and I think it's literally criminal.

As in: violates UN Charter of Human Rights.


If it doesn't wind up on the Publically Available Standards list, then I

think it's just been killed as a specification.

No open source person is going to buy the document.










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