Re: SPDX Thursday General Meeting Reminder - SPECIAL MEETING

Sebastian Crane

Dear all,

During today's General Meeting, in which the Core Team presented a
proposal to improve the governance of SPDX, I brought up a few
suggestions to the current proposal. Going into the meeting I did not
fully grasp that, under the current governance model, the proposal would
have to be accepted by the working group as a whole - thus consensus
would need to be reached before additional suggestions. Thank you to
Steve and Phil for explaining this!

I think it would be good to have a discussion at some point on the Code
of Conduct and of the licensing of the SPDX specification, to maybe
iterate further on the already excellent proposal.

For the record, and the reason for sending this email, I wanted to state
that I'm very much in support of the proposal as it is now, and would
not consider my concerns blockers here! Thanks again to the members of
the Core Team who've put the time and effort into creating the proposal.

Best wishes,


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