SPDX Thursday General Meeting Reminder - SPECIAL MEETING

Phil Odence

We will deviate from our usual standing agenda for this special meeting. We will start with a presentation from a Google Summer of Code student (see topic below) and then will pick up the discussion of the SPDX Governance change with the aim of reaching consensus and moving forward.


I encourage you to read through the attached. Steve will give a very quick overview and can answer questions, but we will assume participants of read the pdf of not all the details referenced. And as a reminder, here’s the context I provided last week:

SPDX Community,

As previewed in the June General Meeting, the Core Team has submitted a proposal for changing the governance of SPDX. The reasoning for the change and substance are the same as what we discussed in that meeting. However, we have simplified the implementation considerably. Importantly, the project will continue to operate day to day as we have for over a decade but with better defined governance. Attached is a document that summarizes the proposal and provide links to the details.

In the second half of next Thursday’s General Meeting we will try to reach consensus on the proposal. In the meantime, once you have studied the matter, provide feedback or raise any questions on this thread. (Note, the many of the details are housed in a GitHub repo but again comments/questions go here.) If we do not reach consensus on Thursday, we may hold the discussion over to the following meeting.

Best regards,



GSoC Presentation


Title- Support for spdx Go lang tools

by Ujjwal Agarwal


I will talk about the possible approaches that we could have adopted for the project and the approach I choose to go ahead with .The challenges I faced throughout the GSoC coding phase while coding the project and furthermore what are the future implementations that we can expect .


I am a B.tech student at Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology India . Skilled in Go lang, DevOps, Leadership, Cryptocurrency, and web development. Strong information technology student with a keen interest in open source development .



See you Thursday,



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