Question on two MIT-derivatives

Christian Ehrhardt

I was refreshing the license info on a Debian package and found two
licenses that seemed to be MIT-variants that I wasn't sure about. The
reason I looked at it was mostly technical as the current way to
identify them was triggering a lintian warning, but as I said I
wondered what would be correct.

I was not finding the two derivatives in your license list at [1] nor
as an exception in [2].
There are already a bunch of MIT-* identifiers, but none matched the
two that I had.
So I had no "official identifiers" to use and just came up with two for now.

I changed the identifiers like
- MIT(*) -> MIT-ibm
- MIT(**) -> MIT-no-ad
and that satisfies Lintian at least.
The full text of those can be found at [3][4].

I'm full of questions:
- having a look at them, would you think they should be added to your
list and get assigned official identifiers?
- Are these even licenses on their own that deserve an ID?
- Would it need the project or License owner to do such a request?
- I'm neither of that and just looked at it by accident - If needed
I'd be ok to file an issue as outlined in [5] and discuss, but I'm not
sure I could do much more on it.


Christian Ehrhardt
Staff Engineer, Ubuntu Server
Canonical Ltd

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