Re: SPDX June General Meeting Minutes

Philippe Ombredanne

Dear Phil:
Thank you for these minutes! I want to comment on the spec license topic.

On Fri, Jun 4, 2021 at 3:16 PM Phil Odence via
<> wrote:

The most significant change would be to change the license for the spec to the Community Specification License. This is a license purpose built for specifications. Like the existing CC license, it grants a broad copyright license to the spec itself. Additionally, requires contributors to grant licenses to any patents that might cover implementations of the spec. This would address user concerns about the possibility that an SPDX contributor seeking to enforce patents that they might hold that cover the spec.
The governance updates make change, but I cannot fathom the benefits
of switching the spec license to a reasonably new, unproven and
uncommon license that is neither OSI-approved, nor on the SPDX license
list and not even for consideration there at this stage.

If you have patents concerns, I would rather see these addressed by a
simple DCO signoff and an update of the project contribution policies.
This would put the omen to comply on contributors rather than putting
the burden on the users to have to deal with yet another license.

Additionally, it does not feel right if SPDX contributes to license

Philippe Ombredanne

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