Re: Thursday SPDX General Meeting Reminder - Special Presentation and NEW CONF BRIDGE INFO

J Lovejoy

On 5/5/21 10:45 AM, Jonas Smedegaard wrote:

Quoting Phil Odence via (2021-05-05 14:47:03)
You may be aware that based on SPDX community input we decided to move away from Uberconference. Initially the thought was to move to Zoom, but we are trying an open source alternative, Jitsi. Assuming it works for us, we´┐Żll make the permanent move, and I will update the calendar invite accordingly.

For now, use this information for the Thursday Meeting:

Join the meeting:<*3A*2F**2FSPDXGeneralMeeting&sa=D&ust=1619537013292000&usg=AOvVaw224M4IF9lZQ--a36gO3Lwh__;JSUlJQ!!A4F2R9G_pg!I3GFzBfRfUyGZhkyTIdNNgY2TQsTIZL85F0ubPgWSv4TkuBYAzJmtyCci41BGCiD_0k$>
Great to hear that meetings now use Open standards and Free software!

Could you please share only the room name, stripped from the URI?

I.e. the string from the URI which begins with "SPDXGeneralMeeting"...

It seems your email software and/or the mailinglist software gets upset 
by some characters in the meeting string and mangles the URI...

 - Jonas

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