Re: Jitsi video calling for the General Meeting tomorrow

Sebastian Crane

Dear all,

We now have set up our own Jitsi - thanks to Steve W! Steve tested it
with a few SPDXers in various time zones and it seemed to work
fine. We will use it for the next General Meeting, this Thursday.
It's great to hear that everything went fine in the test run :) I'll be
looking forward to tomorrow's meeting; indeed, mention of Mark Atwood's
talk has certainly piqued my interest!

As to Sebastian's query regarding using Sourcehut (instead of Github)
and a rebuild of the website using that/a different tool. I think
there is going to be very little appetite for that! It took a long
time to fully move over to Github as it was! Any change of this type
involves a fair amount of work and disruption to the normal flow of
things. We certainly have enough going on right now to not add more to
the plate!
Jilayne, too true, infrastructure migration is never easy; that said,
I'm always happy to look into any self-hosted server applications should
that appetite emerge in the future! :)

Best wishes,


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