Re: updating SPDX website FAQ page

Sebastian Crane

Dear all,

Earlier this month there were a number of edits proposed on Google Docs
to the SPDX License List FAQs. Since the activity on that has now died
down a little, I've created a repository on GitHub containing a Markdown
version of the document.

I have included all of the changes that were proposed, as well as making
some improvements to the formatting (such as with inline links). Please
note that there were some comments that are still extant on Google Docs,
in particular:

- Jilyane Lovejoy's suggestion on removing a paragraph in the 'Why does
it exist?' question,

- Warner Losh's comment that the explanation of the concluded and
declared license fields is confusing, and

- Alexios Zavras's comment questioning the relevance of the penultimate
question about license inclusion

As for myself, I have some further ideas myself that I'll suggest with
GitHub pull requests. To this end, if an administrator of the SPDX
organisation on GitHub is ready to accept a transfer of the repository
please let me know.

I hope this helps!

Best wishes,


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