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Steve Winslow

Hello all,

Many thanks to all of you for your feedback and comments on this topic. Sebastian, thank you especially for investigating this and for your efforts looking into Jitsi hosting.

I'm pleased to be able to confirm that we are arranging for the LF to cover the cost of 8x8's Jitsi hosting for SPDX meetings. I'm getting this set up and will aim to have it in place shortly, potentially for this week's meetings if possible (and deferring to the team leads whether they are comfortable with changing the invites / dial-ins on short notice).

I'll circle back once the hosting is set up. Best,

On Mon, Apr 12, 2021 at 10:53 AM Max Mehl <max.mehl@...> wrote:
~ Sebastian [2021-04-12 16:38 +0200]:
> First off, I've got great news: Fosshost have accepted my application
> for SPDX hosting! I have been informed that we are now on their queue.
> It's probable that new DNS records will need to be created to point to
> the Fosshost meeting servers, in which case I shall start a thread in
> the SPDX Tech list.

Great idea to ask Fosshost for tech sponsoring!

>> The BBB frontend greenlight can do exactly this.  By default anyone
>> can register for an account and create their own room.
> I think Jitsi and BBB have a fundamentally different paradigm with
> regard to this. IRC is a system that I'm very familiar with and am a
> great fan of, and I'd say that Jitsi is to video calling as IRC is to
> text chat.

Good comparison. BBB and Jitsi are really different. From our experience
at the FSFE, BBB is rather for fixed team meetings and organised
workshops while Jitsi is more for ad-hoc meetings that do not require
any account.

From a sysadmin side, Jitsi feels to be a bit easier to set up and
maintain, given that you do not want to make any customisations. These
can be difficult to maintain in both systems, while customisations in
BBB are easier to upgrade, while they break in Jitsi's upgrades.

With BBB it is fairly simple to restrict the circle of people who can
start meetings. This way, you can control the usage of your server. With
Jitsi, everyone can open rooms and eat up your resources (there are some
limits to this, but still).

> The rooms are not created so much as they just exist, and people can
> join and leave at will without needing an account. Jitsi URLs, just like
> IRC channel names, are typically short, meant to be memorable and often
> meaningful. For example, compare:
> and

BBB's room URLs can be modified. That requires admin access and some CLI
magic, but it's doable. We do this for a few important rooms:


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