Re: Jitsi video calling for the General Meeting tomorrow

James Bottomley

On Sun, 2021-04-11 at 20:16 +0100, Sebastian wrote:
I'd suggest that Jitsi is more appropriate for our use than BBB
(Jitsi is a more flexible platform),
I don't quite agree with this statement, but then I'm biased: Linux
Plumbers Conference evaluated both Jitsi and BBB (and a few others)
and determined that BBB was the most appropriate to the interactive
nature of the conference, which we pulled off successfully in 2020.
The main problem with BBB is it's more difficult to set up than
Jitsi and is more demanding about precision of the dependencies ...
but that's not a problem if someone else is hosting it for you.
Congratulations on the online Linux Plumbers Conference :)

I'd certainly agree with you that BBB is generally better suited to
a conference - not to mention lighter on system resources that Jitsi,
which does make a difference when your participants number in 3+
Heh, I wouldn't go that far ... all video meetings are heavy on the
server, but we coped by scaling the linode instance up to something
rather expensive. This year we're hoping to try out their clustering
which debuted in BBB 2.3.

However, its chief benefit for conferences would, I'd say, be counter
productive for a meeting. The extra control with BBB creates quite a
'bus factor': there must be someone who can be the host, and that
role needs knowledge of all the settings, the password and indeed a
reliable connection - BBB is not forgiving to network failures!
BBB doesn't have a concept of host. It has users and admins (who are
sometimes called admins and sometimes moderators), but you can run a
conference call with only users (you uncheck the "wait for moderators"
button). We did traditionally run every plumbers room with at least
two admins at all times for redundancy and made sure the rooms couldn't
start without a moderator because of our specific requirements.

Since SPDX meetings are open to all, the control isn't as desirable.
Well, I'd like to say that about plumbers too. However, we have an
anti harassment policy so we needed the assurance we could deal with
any potential situation fast. LPC is somewhat well known, so we also
worried about the equivalent of zoom bombing (although that didn't

Jitsi's flexibility is really useful in ad-hoc situations: if the
Legal Team wanted an impromptu meeting, say, that could be done
without any scheduling or administration.
The BBB frontend greenlight can do exactly this. By default anyone can
register for an account and create their own room.

Also, by default everyone has more control with Jitsi; for example,
if my microphone was noisy you could mute me without disturbing the
Yes, that's a feature of BBB too ... anyone can mute anyone.

None of this is to imply that Jitsi won't work equally well for you
given your requirements. The big thing that made us go for BBB over
Jitsi was the presence of an on-line whiteboard, which is likely
totally irrelevant to a SPDX meeting.


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