Re: Jitsi video calling for the General Meeting tomorrow

James Bottomley

On Fri, 2021-04-09 at 20:37 +0100, Sebastian wrote:
Dear all,

Here's the update that Jilayne said was on its way! During the week
I've applied for Jitsi hosting for our meetings; so far I am still
awaiting responses. I am expecting to receive one response on Monday.
What's wrong with just using

? It's the Jitsi project free server available to anyone without a
prior reservation or appointment.

Thank you to Karen Sandler for her offer of the Conservancy's
BigBlueButton server! I'd suggest that Jitsi is more appropriate for
our use than BBB (Jitsi is a more flexible platform),
I don't quite agree with this statement, but then I'm biased: Linux
Plumbers Conference evaluated both Jitsi and BBB (and a few others) and
determined that BBB was the most appropriate to the interactive nature
of the conference, which we pulled off successfully in 2020. The main
problem with BBB is it's more difficult to set up than Jitsi and is
more demanding about precision of the dependencies ... but that's not a
problem if someone else is hosting it for you.

All of them suffer client side scaling issues because of webRTC (this
is unavoidable with any end to end encrypted solution because the
client to client streams are 1:1) so the main way we mitigated that was
to request people mute video unless they want to speak ... it actually
works better for interaction than raising your hand.


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