Re: Jitsi video calling for the General Meeting tomorrow

J Lovejoy

Hi all,

I pasted Sebastian's original message, which was in an attached .txt file, into the email body below for convenience here.

To follow-up on this:

We have been using Uberconference for the monthly general calls. We have had requests to switch as Uberconference does not always work well for people outside the US. Some of the SPDX working groups use Zoom and so that was the option to switch to being considered.

In response to Sebastian's suggestion to switch to Jitsi instead, no one had any objections. Sebastian is looking into a Jitsi server we can use and will provide an update.

Thanks Sebastian for looking into this!

SPDX legal co-lead

On 3/31/21 4:48 PM, Sebastian wrote:
Dear all,

I'm looking forward to participating in tomorrow's SPDX General Meeting.

As Phil Odence has just mentioned moving the meeting to an alternative
platform, I'd like to suggest using a free and open source platform, such
as Jitsi, for the meeting. Jitsi is free of charge and does not require
registration or signing up to participate.

It would be fitting for SPDX to use free and open source software for
meetings, and I can personally vouch for the reliability of Jitsi. It has
worked well in all of the calls I've used it for, which must number over a
hundred now. This includes calls of tens of participants, as well as a
particularly memorable meeting that ran continuously for over 9 (!) hours.

We could use the main server (which as I mentioned is free of charge), or
indeed we could just ask nicely to use one of any number of Jitsi servers
hosted by various FOSS organisations - or, even run our own! :)

If you like this idea, I'd suggest that we meet a little earlier than the
scheduled time in a Jitsi room. If anyone has trouble with Jitsi then we
can just hop over to the existing platform. If there no hitches, we can
continue on Jitsi!

I'm more than happy to answer any questions anyone might have; I'll be
checking my emails throughout tomorrow. I look forward to hearing what you
think of this idea.

Best wishes,


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