updating SPDX website FAQ page

J Lovejoy

Hi all,

As per some discussion on the general call today, the FAQ page on the website is in dire need of a refresh. https://spdx.dev/faq/ 

The legal team has made a copy of the text of the license list section of the FAQ in a Google doc and has begun to collect comments and suggestions. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1WBV0f8L_ddUf9P3eUXMoCwQJiHSckWNA1ykNil8JxGY/edit#

Admittedly, having just read through the license list FAQs, they might need more of full revision than a few suggestions!

Ask for the general SPDX community:
1) re: the SPDX License List:  are there ‘frequently asked questions’ related to the SPDX License List that you would like to see added to the FAQ? If so, could you please add them to the bottom of the Google doc at the link above (with your proposed answer, if you have one!)

2) Would someone like to create another Google doc for the other parts of the FAQ and being the same type of review?

legal team co-lead

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