Re: Introducing myself

Phil Odence

Cheers, Sebastian, welcome.


From: spdx@... <spdx@...> on behalf of Sebastian <seabass-labrax@...>
Date: Friday, March 26, 2021 at 9:18 AM
To: SPDX Mailing List <spdx@...>
Subject: [spdx] Introducing myself

Dear all on the SPDX mailing list,

Since I've just joined this list, I am writing now to introduce myself!

I'm Sebastian Crane, hailing from Britain. I like software, and I like
standards: a specification for software packaging is right up my street!

Having done licensing audits for software, I've seen what may be considered
'best practices' as well as some 'worst practices' - hopefully SPDX can tip
the scale to the 'best' side! I use SPDX license identifiers in my own
software projects, and I'm keen to study the other aspects of the SPDX

I look forward to getting to know the members of this group, and to play a
part in helping SPDX to reach even greater heights.

Best wishes,


IRC (registered on freenode, hackint and OFTC): 'seabass'

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