Re: Thursday SPDX General Meeting Reminder - joining forces with 3T SBOM

J Lovejoy

Hi all,

This message from Santiago bounced, which is a good reminder for all newcomers that you will want to join the spdx-general mailing list, and probably the spdx-tech mailing list (for tech team discussions).  See for more info on the different mailing lists, how to sign up, etc.

SPDX legal co-lead

On Feb 2, 2021, at 12:46 PM, Santiago Torres Arias <santiago@...> wrote:

Exciting indeed!

Looking forward to this!
On Tue, Feb 02, 2021 at 07:40:08PM +0000, Phil Odence wrote:
An exciting development!

As you may know, there have been a handful of groups working on standardizing SBOMs. Kate and Gary have been working closely with the 3T SBOM group for some time. Our missions are sufficiently aligned that we will be joining forces to evolve SPDX. Those folks will be attending various SPDX meetings including the General meeting.

In Thursday’s General meeting, Kay Williams and Bob Martin will provide some background on 3T SBOM and their perspective on joining forces. We will also add reports from the teams developing the various profiles to our regular agenda. The 3T folks have been working on and will report on the Integrity and Defects profiles.


Meeting Time: Thurs, Feb 4, 8am PT / 10 am CT / 11am ET / 15:00 UTC. <>

Conf call dial-in:
New dial in number: 415-881-1586<tel:(415)%20881-1586>
No PIN needed
The weblink for screenshare will stay the same at: <>

Administrative Agenda
Minutes Approval

3T SBOM Intro - Kay/Bob

Technical Team Report – Kate/Gary/Others

 *   Specification and Profiles
    *   Overview
    *   Core
    *   Legal
    *   Integrity
    *   Defects
    *   Usage and Other Emerging
 *   Tooling

Legal Team Report – Jilayne/Paul/Steve

Outreach/Website Team Report – Jack

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