Referencing external spdx documents with package information from project.spdx.yml


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I am currently working on an issue in the Oss-Review-Toolkit  [1] to support referring to external SPDX files from a `project.spdx.yml` [2].


I am currently checking out the spdx-specs [3] and the spdx schema [4] to create a working example of an ´project.spdx.yml` which has a package referencing an external SPDX document for  its metadata.

In the example file provided in [5]  I could not find a reference of that sort.

I have tried using `externalRefs` parameter of a package in the spdx document, but didn’t achieve actually referencing an external spdx document.

In the last paragraph of the spdx/tools repository [6] I have found a mention of “ExternalSpdxElement” that is not in the 2.0 model anymore. Has this been replaced in some way?


I wondered if there was an actual example in one of the documentations or repositories that shows:

A project.spdx.yml listing a package

and in that package metadata refer to

additional metadata in the form of a package.spdx.yml (or something similar)


Here is a slightly changed project.spdx.yml (originally from [7]) that shows how I would imagine the mechanisms working:


spdxVersion: "SPDX-2.2"


  created: "2020-07-23T18:30:22Z"


  - "Organization: Example Inc."

  - "Person: Thomas Steenbergen"

  licenseListVersion: "3.9"

name: "xyz-0.1.0"

dataLicense: "CC0-1.0"

documentNamespace: ""


- "SPDXRef-Package-xyz"


- SPDXID: "SPDXRef-Package-xyz"

  description: "Awesome product created by Example Inc."

  copyrightText: "Copyright (C) 2020 Example Inc."

  downloadLocation: "git+ssh://"

  filesAnalyzed: false

  homepage: ""

  licenseConcluded:  "NOASSERTION"

  licenseDeclared: "Apache-2.0 AND curl AND LicenseRef-Proprietary-ExampleInc"

  name: "xyz"

  versionInfo: "0.1.0"

- SPDXID: "SPDXRef-Package-curl"


    referenceCategory: "OTHER"

    referenceLocator: "curl:7.70.0" (or similar way of giving an identifier)

    referenceType: (alternatively a relative path to the same file locally could be given here)

OR:       - SPDXID: "SPDXRef-Package-curl"


    documentUri: (alternatively a relative path to the same file locally could be given here)

    id: SPDXDocumentRef-curl


- spdxElementId: "SPDXRef-Package-xyz"

  relatedSpdxElement: "SPDXRef-Package-curl"

  relationshipType: "DEPENDS_ON"











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