Today's SPDX General Meeting Reminder - Special Presentation

Phil Odence

Special Presentation by Tanjong Agbor Smith, one of our Google Summer of Code students


Here’s how Tanjong describes himself and his work: I am Tanjong Agbor smith, enrolled in a Masters degree in Computing Science at the University of Alberta. This is my second GSOC contribution for spdx; my first was last year(GSOC 2019) with the License List namespaces project which was a success. I shall be talking about a Google summer of code project titled "Validate license list cross references". This project emanates from a github issue raised, and seeks to provide more information on the validity of urls listed in license files.


Funding SPDX Tool Hosting: I’ll also mention that thanks to a number of contributions we’ve blown past our phase 1 goal to fund this year and are well on our way to phase 2 to fund next year. You can still contribute:





Meeting Time: Thurs, Aug 6, 8am PT / 10 am CT / 11am ET / 15:00 UTC.

Conf call dial-in:

New dial in number: 415-881-1586

No PIN needed

The weblink for screenshare will stay the same at:


Administrative Agenda


Minutes Approva




Technical Team Report – Kate/Gary


Legal Team Report – Jilayne/Paul/Steve


Outreach Team Report – Jack


Any Cross Functional Issues –All



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