Re: Chime instead of Zoom, a modest proposal

Jonas Smedegaard

Quoting Jeremiah C. Foster (2020-04-15 18:57:24)
On Tue, 2020-04-14 at 16:45 -0400, John Sullivan wrote:
"James Bottomley" <James.Bottomley@...> writes:

Well, I'm glad you asked ... so far the most promising fully open
is this one:
I've used Jitsi meet a bit and it is pretty decent too;
For the pragmatic angle of "does it work reliably" I agree that Jitsi is
a viable option.

Any conferencing service _can_ become unreliable when stressed.
Stability for all improves when a) fewest possible participants use
their camera, and b) use newest release of a Chromium-based web browser
(i.e. best to avoid¹ Firefox or Safari or GNOME Web).

One caveat with tools that use WebRTC - there is no E2E encryption yet
in the protocol. Matrix however does have this and I've used its'
video and audio and that works quite well.
True, no general-purpose web browser support E2E encryption for WebRTC
calls, so if you want the convenience of "calling from your browser"
then you cannot have the strongest of security.

That said, WebRTC security is still _better_ than that of non-WebRTC
services like Zoom².

For conferences crucially needing it, WebRTC with E2E encryption _is_
possible, using a dedicated tool (i.e. not a web browser) and the
advanced WebRTC+MLS service at

- Jonas

¹ Because Jitsi until next release (expected few days from now) only
reliably supports Chromium-based web browsers - - and Firefox is known
to cause trouble not only for themselves but also for other participants
- and

² Because Zoom is known to jeopardize security and even practice
newspeak by advertising that they support "e2e" (meaning something else
by that term than the rest of the world):

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