In favour of what are §4.9–4.11 deprecated?

Matija Šuklje

Hi all,

I notice that in 2.1 spec the following are marked as deprecated
on the file-level:

• 4.9 Artifact of Project name
• 4.10 Artifact of Project Homepage
• 4.11 Artifact of Projecr Uniform Resource Identifier

…and I wonder what was the new equivalent to get information of
origin for a file in the package. Is the assumption now that files
of alien origin to the analysed package must belong to a different
package and that package should have its own SPDX file, to which
the first SPDX file should refer to?

A use common use case I can see could be how to mark font and
image files that are commonly copied from elsewhere instead of
each piece of software reinventing their icons and type faces.

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