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Alberto Pianon

Hi Oliver,

if you arrange a web meeting on sw360 I would be glad to join. I have installed sw360 and started playing with it, but I would like to see it used by someone who masters it...




Il 20/05/2019 08:46, Oliver Fendt ha scritto:

Hi Steve,


sw360 is an open source project under the umbrella of the Eclipse foundation. Its is a software component and product management system, which is on the one hand a system where you can manage the software components you are using no matter whether they are OSS, commercial or internal components or other artifacts on the other hand it is a system to manage your products (aka projects) in order to keep track of the bill of “materials”, to generate the OSS declaration document and source code bundles in scope of a product.

For the integration in the CI/CD workflow it provides a REST API

You can find the source code here:

Some documentation is available here:

If you like we can arrange a web meeting since we are using sw360 in our daily work.





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Hi all,


I first heard about SW360 during the presentations at the Linux Open Source Summit in Edinburgh. Searching around, though, I see very little mention of it, to the point where it's difficult to see whether this is a project just finding its feet, or something that has already been abandoned. I'd be interested in hearing from anyone who is actually using it in anger, who is willing to share their experiences.


Thanks for any info,




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