Re: Newcomer introduction

J Lovejoy

Hi Bhavy,

Welcome! I have just approved your message, as it appears you have not joined the mailing list. Can you please do so? We actually have 4 mailing lists - this general one and one for each sub-team: tech, legal, and outreach. I’m not sure which is appropriate for you, but there is a description of each and how to join here:

SPDX legal co-lead

On Feb 26, 2019, at 10:42 AM, bhavys@... wrote:

Hello everyone,
I got to know about Spdx from a friend and I found the organisation's idea of merging multiple licences into one file for easy utility very interesting.
I would like to contribute to the organisation and have already opened minor PRs on github of spdx. Could you guide me where to begin.

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