Re: Hello world and additional licenses

Richard Fontana

On Wed, Aug 11, 2010 at 06:33:01AM -0400, Philip Odence wrote:
So, that fact that you have run across a license in your work would not on the
face say that it meets the criteria for being included on the list. Do you
think the licenses you list are fairly common and would belong on the list for
that reason?

(First, happy to join this list after attending the LinuxCon session

Of the ones Soeren listed, the OpenSSL license (or, I guess,
conjunction-of-licenses) stands out to me as one of the most commonly
encountered (it is not 'common' in the sense of being reused by
different projects, but because of the ubiquity of OpenSSL). Although
this may not bear on criteria for list inclusion, it is also a license
that often leads to angst for Linux distributions because of GPL
incompatibility arguments and the presence of an advertising clause.

- Richard

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