OpenChain @ Open Source Summit 2018 (Vancouver) on August 28th

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Dear all

This is a reminder that there will be an OpenChain workshop at Open Source Summit North America this week. We are coordinating with our friends at the SPDX Project, who also have a workshop on the 28th, to ensure people can attend key parts of both.

Here are our details:

OpenChain Mini Summit
Date: Tuesday, August 28
Time: 1:00 – 5:00 pm
Location: Room 205, Vancouver Convention Centre West
Registration Costs: Complimentary

Here is our schedule:
13:00 - Welcome and Status Update
13:10 - Work Team - Conformance
13:30 - Forward Planning - Strategy and Tactics
14:00 - Networking Break
14:30 - Adjacent Project Status Overviews
- FOSSology
- Clearly Defined
15:00 - Work Team - Specification
15:50 - Networking Break
16:20 - Work Team - Curriculum
16:40 - Work Team - Onboarding
17:00 - Close

Public announcement here:

There will be an informal OpenChain social gathering at 6pm in the Mosaic Grill in the Hyatt Regency at 6pm. Spaces are limited to 20 people. We only have a couple of spots (literally) left so RSVP is strongly advised.

I look forward to seeing you in Vancouver!



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