agenda for OSLS

J Lovejoy

HI all SPDX teams,

Open Source Leadership Summit is coming up next week and the Linux Foundation has been generous enough to reserve a room at the venue the morning after the event ends for our face-to-face working group.  

We’ll meet on Friday, March 9th, from 9am to lunch. (room name TBD)

We have quite a few cross-functional topics lined up, so we’ll meet as a group. Topics will include:

  • Using Github for SPDX: what is our process for different repos, identify improvements, generate or update documentation
  • Adding more licenses to SPDX License List: from the Linux kernel, other licenses
    • what about lists of non-open source licenses that other people maintain; is there a way to enable that?
  • Updates to spec and next release planning
  • Communicating and explaining relationship and versioning for spec, license list, matching guidelines, tools, etc. Where/how to update website to clarify this?
  • SPDX License List and it’s related material: better organization to make it easier to find - should this all go into an Appendix in the Spec?

Please let me know if I’ve missed anything or if there is any kind of preferred order of topics.  


SPDX Legal Team co-lead

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