Re: SPDX License List 3.0 is now live!

Neal Gompa

On Fri, Dec 29, 2017 at 12:27 PM, J Lovejoy <opensource@...> wrote:
Hi all,

Thanks to a lot of hard work by various members of the SPDX legal team, we
have now (finally!) gone live with version 3.0 of the SPDX License List -
including use of the new XML format for the master files and changes to the
GNU license identifiers due to collaboration with the FSF. As always, you
can see the new version at the usual place:

There is still some odds and ends to tidy up, and we’ll have a blog post
with a more thorough description of the changes after the 1st of the year.
In the meantime, I hope everyone enjoys the holiday weekend and New Year’s
festivities (in whatever form you choose)!

Thanks again to the massive effort by the SPDX legal team and tech team
members who have tirelessly made this happen!
Aww man, you've got to be kidding? You got rid of the "+" signifier
and now we have to write out words?!

I really don't like this change. It makes things more verbose for no benefit.

真実はいつも一つ!/ Always, there's only one truth!

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