Re: MarkDown conversion of specification live on SPDX GitHub

W. Trevor King

On Wed, Jul 12, 2017 at 03:25:22PM +0000, Steenbergen, Thomas wrote:
@Jack @Trevor: Yes, it’s possible to build multiple versions on the
gh-pages branch but uncommon way of working and think this may
confuse users. Topic was discussed in yesterday’s technical meeting
current agreement was to have official releases on I am
thinking to extend current Gulp build script with 2 new tasks 1) a
task to automate deployment of an official release to 2) a
task to deploy any new release tag to GitHub
This works. And for folks who want to pass references around and who
do not need the GitBook additions, you can use GitHub's source browser
and it's default Markdown rendering. For example, [1,2].



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