Re: MarkDown conversion of specification live on SPDX GitHub

Kate Stewart

Great work Thomas!

Thank you very much for your efforts to get our current (and future) specifications
into a more community friendly format!  :-)


On Mon, Jul 3, 2017 at 3:53 PM, Steenbergen, Thomas <thomas.steenbergen@...> wrote:


Hi all,


Wanted to let you all know that after several months in the making I pushed my MarkDown conversion of the SPDX specification 2.1 to




·         Working on GitHub and using MarkDown should make it easier for people to contribute either via Git, editing files online or by filling issue

·         Specification now be build as HTML, PDF, ePUB or Mobipocket

·         HTML version is now mobile friendly and PDF has a table of contents

·         Every change on master branch is automatically build and deployed as HTML to (using Travis CI)



·         Simplified lay-out as MarkDown has some limitations compared to Google Docs. See for example table of contents – no section included due not being able to directly link to sections within different chapters


To Do

·         Write  - explain to contributors how they can participate in shaping future version of the specification. Propose we discuss best workflow in the next call.

·         Minor issues - broken links, lay-out issues or spelling mistakes in original specification

·         Introduce workaround for MarkDown shortcomings in HTML version

·         Automate publishing of PDF, ePUB, Mobipocket to GitHub Releases for a new version of specification

·         Upgrade to GitBook 4.x when it becomes available


All fixes will be made on the development/2.1.1 branch. If you find something feel free to send me an email or raise an issue.




Thomas Steenbergen

Principal Engineer Open Source Governance and Policy


HERE Deutschland GmbH, Place of Business: Invalidenstraße 116, 10115 Berlin, Germany – Commercial Register: Amtsgericht Charlottenburg, HRB 106443B - USt-IdNr.: DE 812 845 193 - Managing Directors: Michael Bültmann, Robertus A.J. Houben




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