Re: MarkDown conversion of specification live on SPDX GitHub

Matija Šuklje

Die 03. 07. 17 et hora 20.53.18 Steenbergen, Thomas scripsit:
Wanted to let you all know that after several months in the making I pushed
my MarkDown conversion of the SPDX specification 2.1 to
Brilliant! Thank you.


· Simplified lay-out as MarkDown has some limitations compared to
Google Docs. See for example table of contents – no section included due
not being able to directly link to sections within different chapters
ToC with sections or subchapters of whatever depth should be doable and not
an issue with MarkDown itself, but with whatever software generates the
HTML/PDF/ePub/… from MarkDown.

There seems to be several ToC plugins for GitBook:

e.g. this one:
has a `maxDepth` option, with which you can select how deep it should go. The
default seems to be 3 levels (i.e. subsubsection).

For in-sentence references this would probably work:

Potentially useful for footnotes as well:

· Introduce workaround for MarkDown shortcomings in HTML version
AFAIK simply using HTML tags is always a workaround in MarkDown.

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