Re: A proposal for Jilayne's foreign language challenge

Karsten Reincke

Dear Alan

Thanks for the thoughtful suggestion. I like it and think it could
I am happy for having been able to help. I need a running SPDX system for my further work. So, it is not totally unselfish ;-)

One issue I see is the issue we run into about trying to avoid
making a legal judgment when classifying the licenses. That would
imply we wouldn't use dimension 4 about "preserving legal power."
It is important that you define the list of necessary dimensions: you are the SPDX experts. I personally agree with your attitude: Inserting such a value could make SPDX a bit pejorative (and will surely evoke unnecessary discussions). Howsoever, I inserted that dimension only because it has been mentioned/requested on the LLW.

Also for dimension 3 regarding "official" licenses, perhaps we need
some more gradation for something where it's not "official" but it's at
least acknowledged or referenced. For example, the GPL translations
aren't official: I
think if we're factually relying on statements made by the license
steward, it's less a concern about making a legal judgment.
Such a differentiation would be helpful. Together with the simplification not to use the dimension 'legal power' you can use a better and simpler representation:

- original
- English 00
- foreign 01
- translation
- approved 10
- audited 20
- ...
- unclear f0

Feel free to expand and redesign this little domain

With best regards

Deutsche Telekom Technik GmbH / Infrastructure Cloud
Karsten Reincke, Senior Expert Key Projects - Telekom Open Source Committee
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