Re: Yocto/OE SPDX Presentation at OSLS

Manbeck, Jack



Thanks. Were excited to see what you have.  We would also love to have you join our tooling discussions. Let me follow up with you, as we are juggling the schedule at the moment.


Best regards,


Jack Manbeck



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Subject: Yocto/OE SPDX Presentation at OSLS


Hi SPDX Team,


Mark Charlebois and I will be presenting at OSLS on our recent efforts to produce SPDX to support the Dronecode project. We have started work to integrate one of our internal license scanning tools, LiD, into Yocto/OE based on the existing Fossology bitbake integration. We plan to make our license scanning tool and our Yocto/OE integration available. We'll be presenting both on our scanning tool, and what we've learnt about how to best manage and author recipes to support license scanning and SPDX generation. You'll find details on us and our presentation here:



I am also keen on joining any relevant SPDX tooling discussions on Thursday of the summit to discuss how we can collaborate further in this space.






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