Re: Open Source Leadership Summit (formerly known as Collab Summit)

Manbeck, Jack



We spoke with Kate about it on the outreach call before the end of the year. She was checking with the Linux Foundation to see what the plans were. I agree a meeting room for one day would be good.


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Hi All,


I should have thought to raise this on the General call today, but do we have a room or plan to have some F2F working session at this year’s Open Source Leadership Summit (formerly Collab Summit) - on Feb 14-16 in Lake Tahoe, CA?  We usually do, but it’s a better earlier in the year, so not quite on the radar yet!


We discussed it briefly on the legal call and agreed it would be good to have a F2F, but not sure what the plan is for having something official set up.  As people need to make travel plans soon, thought I’d reach out via email.  I am planning on being there, FWIW.





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