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Kate Stewart

Thanks Gary,    Sorry I had to leave mid way through the report. 

Couple of minor adjustments to the minutes.

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Below is the minutes from today’s general meeting.  Meeting minutes are also available on the Wiki at


Please let me know if you see any errors or omissions.




General Meeting/Minutes/2016-09-01

·         Attendance: 6

·         Lead by Gary O'Neall

·         Minutes of August meeting approved

Tech Team Report - Kate

·         SPDX 2.1 all comment incorporated

·         PDF should be available today

·         Will follow-on with HTML later

·         1 1/2 month feedback cycle

The review window for SPDX 2.1 spec is now closed.    Its been open for a 1.5 months, and feedback has tailed off.

·         Tech office hours - should publish to general

·         There will be a tools bake-off in Berlin on 6 Oct

·         All tools providers are encouraged to attend or send in SPDX documents

·         There will not be a west coast bake-off - the West Coast tools providers are encouraged to submit SPDX documents to the Berlin bake-off

Outreach Team Report - Jack

·         Getting reading to go live with the new site

·         Jack is working with the Linux Foundation to schedule a go-live date

·         All updates to the new site have been completed

Legal Team Report - Jilayne

·         Going through the XML conversion of the license list

·         Action items for closing on the XML conversion is published

·         Decided to do the next license list update around the end of Oct. which will use the new XML file format

Cross Functional Topics - Gary

·         Discussion on whether the new XML license master list format is intended for external tools or to be used internal only to the Legal Team in producing the license list

·         Gary recalled a discussion where we decided the first release of the XML format would be internal only

·         Consensus that one of the overall goal of the XML format is to enable better tooling - the issue is only related to the phasing of the XML format implementation

·         Some of the issues to external tool use would be the inconsistency in the element and property names with the SPDX specification

·         Request that the technical team be involved if the XML format is to be used externally

·         Will be discussed on the legal call


·         Gary O'Neall

·         Kate Stewart

·         Jilayne Lovejoy

·         Michael Stair

·         Scott Sterling

·         Paul Madick




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